Our wide array of services are designed to make sure you’re happy with your lawn for weeks and months down the line.


Make sure that wayward grass isn’t invading your driveway, sidewalk, or flower beds. Tighten up your lawn appearance and become the envy of the neighborhood.

Benefits of Lawn Edging: Edging your lawn around your sidewalk and driveway gives your lawn an extra dimension of “crispness” in appearance. Beyond that, it can tame growing grass and keep them out of the way of commonly trafficked areas.


Keep your grass cut down to an aesthetic, manageable length, rather than letting it grow wild and out of control.

Benefits of Lawn Mowing: Besides the obvious, immediate benefit (making your lawn look better), mowing your lawn also keeps your grass healthier in general. Regular mowing is a great way to get that luscious and vibrant green look that most homeowners crave by allowing your growing grass to get as much sunlight and moisture as possible. Lawn mowing also keeps unwanted weeds at bay and keeps pests away.

We can work with you to make sure every mowing job is done exactly to your specifications whether you’re home or not. Come back from a long day at work to the sight of a beautiful mowed lawn.


Growing flowers on your own? We can help you – maintaining their health and improving their appearance so that your flowers can live a long and happy life.

Benefits of Flower Bed Maintenance: Increase the longevity of your plants with proper care (different plants have different needs), make sure the appearance of your plants is as vibrant as possible, and keep them free of pests that would nip away at them.

Flower Bed Maintenance in particular can require regular scheduling, but we’re more than willing to work with you to ensure that your flowers get the care they require.


One of our most recommended services – mulching your lawn will greatly improve the quality of your grass and soil. We can get you set up with mulching that compliments your lawn, house, and plants.

Benefits of Mulching: Mulching adds a rich color to lawns, improves the soil by adding organic materials to your lawn environment, and helps protect against seasonal temperature changes while conserving moisture. You really can’t go wrong with using this service, and your grass will certainly thank you for it.


Don’t waste time fighting unruly hedges and shrubs – let us do it for you. We’ll get your hedges tamed and looking crisp with a fantastic shape.

Benefits of Hedge/Brush Trimming: Trimming reduces overgrowth of your shrubbery, which can ruin your overall lawn aesthetic and attract pests. Regular trimming also promotes growth and health in hedges and brushes overall.


No matter how severe your weed problem might seem, trust us, we’ve seen it all. We can eradicate those pests from your yard so that your natural, green grass can finally breathe and grow uninhibited.

Benefits of Weed Control: Prevent the nutrients intended for your grass from being sucked up by unappealing growths and get rid of weeds before they succeed in taking over your lawn.


Aeration is an under-utilized aspect of lawn care – perforating the soil with small holes in order to make sure that water, air, and other nutrients can penetrate your lawn and reach the grass roots directly. We can get this done for you if you want to see a lasting impact in your overall lawn health.

Benefits of Aeration: Provides lasting benefits to your lawn health by making sure nutrients reach your soil and grass at the source.


A great companion to our aeration service, we can set up your lawn with grass seed to boost your lawn aesthetics and health – so long as the soil is good enough for it (don’t worry, we can help you figure that out if it’s not).

Benefits of seeding: Reduce erosion, improve the appearance of your lawn, and increase the thickness of your grass – no more worrying about patches.


Thatch is an organic layer between your grass blades and the soil itself and is composed of both living and dead stems that have not yet been broken down. We can zip all that thatch out of your lawn so your grass can grow unencumbered like the good old days.

Benefits of de-thatching: Reducing the chance of insect infestations, getting rid of a barrier that denies your roots air, water, and nutrients, and improving the appearance of your lawn.


Whether it’s your pet or – unfortunately – someone else’s – we can get rid of all the pet waste in your yard.

Benefits of pet waste removal: Peace of mind! You no longer have to worry about those unappealing spots plaguing your yard.